COMMON Foundation combines the power of an incubator with philanthropy and social entrepreneurship to support, promote and develop non-profit ideas and organizations in the US and abroad for the benefit of people, planet, and peace.

We serve the non-profit and philanthropic interests of external clients including individuals, families, companies, foundations, philanthropists, and social and environmental entrepreneurs.

COMMON Foundation envisions a world full of inspired citizens, donors, and clients who advance their causes in ways that are effective, conscientious, and innovative.

Our work is an authentic expression of our collective interests, intrinsic strengths, and passions. Our team is one of inspiration and motivation. We like to have fun, and we love what we do.

Imagination, creativity, innovation, integrity, agility, passion, ethics, energy, and foresight, these are the core set of principles and values to which we adhere.

We’ve launched dozens of projects since our founding in 2007. After a decade of experience working in research, impact investment, philanthropy, and non-profit sectors, we’ve expanded our services to include: philanthropic advising, non-profit incubation and management, fiscal sponsorship, donor-advised funds, legacy research and development, strategic consulting services, communication services, mentoring services, and scholarship program development.