COMMON: Community, Incubator, and Collaborative Brand

The COMMON Foundation was created to serve the non-profit and philanthropic interests of the entire COMMON community.

COMMON is one part community, one part business incubator, and one part collaborative brand. COMMON is designed to bring people together unleashing their creativity to rapidly prototype and launch hundreds of mutually supportive businesses. And doing all of this under a shared brand, a brand that’s community owned and community directed, offering huge brand value to the small social entrepreneur.

Someday soon a start-up social venture in some far off corner of the world will be able to launch their business with the immediate global awareness of a brand that represents a shared purpose, shared goals, shared means and shared values. A single brand encompassing products, businesses, and the ideals of its community. COMMON may be the first collaborative mark, and in the spirit of collaboration, we hope it’s just the first of many. – Alex Bogusky


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