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Alex Díaz Eco

Advisory Board | COMMON Future | From 2 to 5 Degrees

After starting his career in Miami in communications, at a small ad agency, Alex moved on to journalism two years later as an economy and finance reporter at Caribbean Business in San Juan, later becoming editor of the newspaper. When not there, he worked in corporate communications, advertising, sustainability management & communications, and since 2014 in content creation & advisory, freelance writing and blogging, plus serving in the Communications Committee of the Puerto Rico Climate Change Council, the Board of the Latino Climate Action Network, founder and chair of the Adapt Now resilience Initiative of the U.S. Green Building Council Puerto Rico Chapter, and currently a content and communications partner of the American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP).

The quintessential Fusion communicator, Alex is first, strategist, marshalling people insights, market trends, and data/analytics, to find just the right fit for a client. Second, journalist, with a nose for news and research, a flair for angles and headlines, a love of truth, master of the core message. Third, marketer, applying the journalist’s skill to a client’s narrative, and deploying strategies across disciplines to generate results. Fourth, writer, the artist/creative, craftsman of beauty, story and inspiration.

And fifth, advocate, in pursuit of climate solutions since the Rio Summit of 1992. Fast forward to March 2018 and the launch of The Resilience Journal blog-magazine. Seven months later, October 2018, Alex coupled that with COMMON Future, a content studio, member of the COMMON global network of social enterprises, to launch communications solutions that build resilience in cities and companies against the severe and progressively worse climate change coming once the planet overshoots the 1.5°C temperature threshold as early as the 2020s.