Emma Ruffin

Advisory Board | Climate Change Lead | Partnerships Liaison

Emma wears many hats: graphic facilitator, community organizer, and problem solver. As a graphic facilitator or “scribe” with Desert Raven Design she practices deep listening, presence and co-creation, transforming meetings and conferences through her art.

As a community organizer, Founder and Director of Boulder.Earth, a program of the COMMON Foundation she collaborates across multiple sectors, leaning into the wisdom of a community to shift the climate crisis into opportunity. A lover of problem solving, Emma employs permaculture design principles (certified twice-over) and Theory U into her everyday work, art and play.

She has served as a fellow with MIT’s Climate Co-Lab Program, and currently serves as curator for the Global Shapers Boulder Hub, an initiative out of the World Economic Forum driven by 20-somethings creating positive change in their communities. She also serves as a board member with 350 Colorado and as an Advisory Board Member at the COMMON Foundation.