Trista Caldwell, M.B.A.

Advisory Board | Corporate Relations

Trista Caldwell is an expert in strategy development and advises the COMMON Foundation on corporate philanthropic engagement. She has provided insights, direction, and guidance to top-level executives of companies and government agencies for over 20 years. She currently leads Comcast’s efforts to launch and operationalize their new product offering, Xfinity Mobile.

Trista is a skilled M.B.A. with two decades of experience creating and managing budgets, schedules, deliverables, and personnel to improve operational effectiveness, discover efficiencies, and enhance quality for customers through continuous improvement.

She is a collaborative team leader driving operational performance to optimize and encourage excellence in execution. Her goal is to make the workplace enjoyable and rewarding for the entire team. She fosters a strong culture of trust and empowerment that produces results that exceed corporate goals and expectations.

Trista is a certified Change Management professional, utilizing the tenets of Prosci to drive positive changes and supportive culture to benefit both customers and employees. She is a master facilitator and enjoys convening diverse groups to work toward creative and innovative solutions while overcoming barriers to change.

Her most memorable engagements include strategy development sessions with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Department of Defense, and Port Owners to drive solutions benefiting stakeholders within the Nation’s port systems. She has also designed, managed and executed international exercises with the G8 Ministers of Home and Interior to identify partnership opportunities to mitigate the impact of cyber-attacks.

Her experience in developing and executing training and national security exercises for varied audiences has led to increased operational preparedness, particularly in emergency or disaster scenarios. She is a certified trainer with Department of Homeland Security who has worked at all levels of government to facilitate meaningful dialogue that leads to improvements in preparedness, holds stakeholders accountable, and ensures desired changes are implemented in a timely manner.

Trista was born in Wyoming, raised in Arvada, Colorado and now lives in Centennial with her husband, children and two dogs. She has also lived in New Jersey, Northern Virginia, Tulsa, and Dublin. Her interests include being outdoors as often as possible, yoga, reading, travel and learning new things.