Frank Biasi

Founder | Go Good | Advisory Board | Conservation | Sustainable Travel | Product Development

Frank Biasi is a conservationist and award-winning product director, producer, and editor who creates platforms and stories to help people explore, understand, and cherish nature and culture. With degrees in Geography, Studio Art, and Environment, he has spent the past 30 years creating maps, apps, and websites at National Geographic and The Nature Conservancy. 

His notable works include World Heritage Journeys, produced in partnership with UNESCO, the European Commission, the Korea International Cooperation Agency, and hundreds of heritage and tourism experts across Europe and Asia. He also directed National Geographic’s Geotourism Program and the production of numerous sustainable travel websites, map guides, and marketing campaigns. 

Frank is working with COMMON Foundation to create a transformative new digital platform, Go Good, to help thoughtful travelers discover, explore, and sustain Earth’s treasured places—and help the owners of authentic, sustainable places and experiences reach and guide those travelers. A not-for-profit venture, the platform’s goal is to reduce barriers to sustainable travel and amplify the trend toward sustainability by consumers, destinations, and the travel industry.

Launching in October 2024, the Go Good app will be the world’s best digital atlas and travel guide for use at home and while traveling. Designed to be beautiful and engaging, it will deliver destination profiles, guides, and virtual tours in the style of National Geographic and the world’s top publishers and storytellers. It seamlessly combines maps, multimedia, and narrative to tell stories of Earth’s treasured places—their history, nature, and culture—and how thoughtful travelers can visit them to enrich their experience and help sustain and enhance the place.

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